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I am your Consultant, Jacki Lopez, and this is my story:


Did you grow up feeling like the underdog?

Cute but not Foxy.

A Benchwarmer but not a Starter.

Honor Roll but not Valedictorian (Sorry, no offense, Big Sis!)

A Vega, not a BMW.

Payless Shoes not...Uh. Well. I can't even tell you where the cool kids bought shoes!

As a teen, the struggle was real. I mean for reals. Self-image? Low. Quietly fighting to fit in. Sometimes the Jacki-the-Underdog just wanted to be the cool cat. If only for a Saturday night. That was then.

And yet even now - as an adult - those painful feelings still come up. From time to time. Unexpected and uninvited. Am I a good enough wife? A good enough mother? A good enough friend? A good enough person? The same feelings of insecurity we knew as young women, somehow followed us into mature womanhood.

In high school I worked the counter of a dry cleaners and laundry shop. Whenever I had a bit of extra money, I'd buy myself a cute bracelet. Maybe a sparkly ring. Other times a delicate necklace. Those beautiful little pieces of metal and stone made me feel good. If only for a cloudy afternoon - or a warm summer night - I felt pretty. Loved. Cared for. A little gift from me, for me.

It is, in part, the reason I still treat myself to a little bling now and then. It's kind of a girl thing. A way to connect with our femininity. A reminder that we are valued by the Creator of beauty.

Reality check: An affordable piece of jewelry certainly can't save one's soul, but it can help get one through a tough day.

     The right word at the right time is like a (cool) piece of jewelry - 

     Proverbs 25:11 (MSG)

It's an elegant mystery. How can something so simple do so much? I can feel pretty when I want to. I can pursue the bright things in life. It's my choice.

And so now I've made it my mission as a Paparazzi Consultant to help YOU discover this amazing feeling. It's my goal to help you help OTHERS uncover the many beautiful treasures that have been buried by life's debris. 

So, underdogs - want to know more?

Message me. Let's chat!

MY JEWELRY JOINT is a small business selling the most amazing jewelry, Paparazzi Accessories:

      -trendy, but not too intimidating

      -classic, but not boring

      -incredibly affordable, only $5 each

      -Zi Collection of stunning statement pieces, $25 each

Our hope is that, at such an affordable price, you will enjoy trying bolder or brighter colors and more daring styles without the worry of spending too much.  We believe that you deserve to look and feel your absolute best!

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